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Safety Mag

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Compatible with AR-15 STANAG magazine platforms such as AR-15, Sig MCX, Q Honey Badger, FN SCAR 16S, and Radian Lowers to name a few. If you can fit an AR-15 magazine in it, it should be compatible.

Forget those pesky little chamber flags that come with your rifle. They're annoying to use and get lost easily. With the Hugo Industries Safety Mag you can show that there's no magazine in your rifle and that the bolt is locked back and incapable of firing. Very useful for 2-gun/3-gun matches or any other event that requires you to show that there's no magazine in your rifle and the bolt is locked back.
The Safe Mag is shaped like a regular AR-15 STANAG magazine so it engages the magazine catch for a positive lock and easy removal with the press of the magazine release. It also fits in any mag pouch that can fit an AR-15 magazine for easy storage while you're shooting.


  • Same shape as a STANAG AR15 magazine.
  • Engages magazine catch for a positive lock up and easy release with the push of the rifle's mag release.
  • Bolt block portion of the Safety Mag completely fills the rifle's upper to prevent bolt carrier group from closing.
  • "CLEAR" text is easily visible through ejection port.
  • Big visible cavity at the bottom of the Safety Mag serves as a clear indicator that this device cannot hold any ammunition as well as doubling as a hook point to extract the Safety Mag from a rifle or mag pouch.
  • Allows you to close the ejection port dust cover.
  • Fits in any magazine pouch or plate carrier placard that can fit an AR-15 magazine.
  • Bright orange color makes it very easy for you or the RO to see.
  • Made of high temperature and chemical resistant polymer.

NOTE: This product listing is for the Safety Mag only and does not include any magazine pouches, optics, or rifles that may be shown in the product pictures.

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