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About Us

We make products that fix a problem. Plain and simple.

We started with our safes. As many of you know, there is a very simple formula for figuring out how big of a safe you need: take the depth, width, and length of your current safe, multiply them to get your cubic ft and then add 1,000 more cubic feet!

Point is, you never have enough space in your safe. That's why we created some products that would not only let you organize your safe so that your items are more accessible but also save you tons of space so you can buy more guns, magazines, and ammo.


We then moved on to our gear. There were some items that we thought were the best in their category but had a few shortcomings. That's how we came up with the feed lips for the HSGI tacos. Since then we've continued to improve on our gear and are continuing to work on new designs to fix problems we find with our gear as we use it.


If you have any feedback, suggestions, or would like a quote for some custom work, feel free to use our contact page to get in touch.

You can view our YouTube videos by going to Hugo Industries YouTube Channel.