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Hanger for Cobra Buckle Belts

Regular price $5.99

Compatible with both regular Cobra and DR Cobra buckles. Please choose the correct hanger version for your buckle (see picture below)

Easily hang your cobra buckle equipped tactical belts in your closet or any other location. Hanger is sized for standard closet rods with an outer diameter of ~33mm or ~1.3in.

The hanger has the same shape as the male end of the Cobra buckle thus allowing the female end to click in the same way it would if you were putting it on your waist. To remove it you would press on both ends of the female buckle just as you would if you were removing it from your waist. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This hanger has been tested with up to 26 lbs of weight on it without issue. It may be able to hold even more weight but this was the maximum our pull weight device would measure and 26 lbs is more weight than anyone should have on their belt.