Feed Lips Set for HSGI Tacos

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Only compatible with molle versions. Not compatible with belt loop versions since you will only be able to fit the outer feedlip and middle feedlip (if applicable) but not the inner feedlip that's closest to the body.

X2R and X2RP Users: The X2R and X2RP feed lips only work with the newer generation of X2R/X2RP tacos. The older generation of HSGI X2R/X2RP tacos has a webbing loop in the middle and the divider is a solid piece of plastic with no hole in the middle.

new generation of hsgi x2r taco center dividerold generation of hsgi x2r taco center divider

Tired of your magazines getting stuck when trying to insert them into your HSGI tacos? So were we which is why we decided to design these feed lips.

These feed lips eliminate the snagging issues that plague the HSGI tacos. Whether you’re inserting a new mag or reindexing a used mag, these feed lips will make it a smooth process so you can keep your head up and on your target instead of having to look down at your pouches to figure out why your magazine has hung up.

They are made of PETG to withstand temperatures as high as 88C (190F) while still being slightly flexible to provide some spring tension.

Demonstration of difference between a stock taco and a taco with these feed lips installed:


How to install Pistol / Extended Pistol / SMG / Rifle Tacos:


How to install Double Decker Taco feed lips:


How to install X2R Rifle Taco feed lips and demonstration of benefit:


What you get:

  • One long feed lip that goes towards the belt side of the taco and is held in place by the friction of the molle clips/straps that you use to mount the taco on your gear. If you use them with the Hugo Industries Molle to Belt Loop adapter, they will clip onto the belt loop for an even more secure fit.
  • One shorter feed lip that is placed on the outer part of the taco. This one is held in place by two small hooks that grab on to the first molle strap on the taco.
  • X2R and X2RP models: One center feed lip that attaches to the plastic divider in the middle.
  • Double Decker and X2RP models: One center feed lip that goes between the pistol and the rifle pouches.

If you have multiple tacos you want to outfit with these lips then just set the quantity at checkout or before adding to cart. A qty of 1 means you get a set of these feed lips for one taco. You need a set per taco.

MADE IN THE USA - Proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America

NOTE: this listing is for the feed lips only. It does not include the pouch.

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