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Threaded Barrel Stop for Safariland Holsters

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Make sure your holster has the following pin configuration on the side of the holster that faces your body. If it doesn't, this barrel stop is not compatible.

Muzzle end of Safariland 6390 RDS holster showing pin configuration that's compatible with Hugo Industries threaded barrel stop

This barrel stop was designed to work with threaded barrels that AT MOST add 15mm of length to the stock barrel with the thread protector cap on. This includes genuine Glock Gen4 and Gen5 threaded barrels.

If you have a threaded barrel from a different manufacturer please measure the difference in length between the stock barrel and the threaded barrel as shown in the following pictures:

how to measure added length of threaded barrel for proper safariland barrel stop

how to measure length that threaded barrel adds for safarilan barrel stop

If your threaded barrel adds more than 15mm of length, contact us and let us know what you measured and what brand and model of barrel it is. We can work with you to design something that works for your set up.

Safariland holsters are amazing. However, some of them don't work with threaded barrels.  This barrel stop fixes this problem.

With this barrel stop, you'll be able to use your ALS / SLS Safariland holster with a suppressor ready threaded barrel and not have to sacrifice the retention, locking, or stability of your firearm.

  • Easy, drop-in replacement for the barrel stop
  • Uses the same hardware as the Safariland barrel stop
  • Made of ASA to ensure it can withstand high barrel temperatures
  • Available for both right handed and left handed holsters
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

The Safariland holster shown in the pictures is a 6390RDS model.

Here's a video we made to show you how to install it and how it functions: