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Fully Customizable 2-Point Sling (TOIM)

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LEAD TIME: Due to each sling being custom made to order and recent high demand, fulfillment time can take up to 14 days. We appreciate all the support we've received and are working hard to bring this lead time down.

The TOIM (This One Is Mine) Sling is a premium sling that you can customize to make it yours.

The name comes from the first line of the Rifleman's Creed:

"This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine."

Whether you need a gift for a shooting buddy, have a gun club or company you want to promote, or just want something to call your own, the ability to fully customize the TOIM sling makes it possible.


  • Single quick adjust pull tab. Can be used as pull tab or pull loop so you can use your method of choice to quickly tighten or loosen the sling.

gif showing how to quickly tighten and loosen or adjust the TOIM customizable sling

  • Quick adjust tab can be left blank or customized with your text. The text is laser engraved which means no ink that can wear off over time or decal that will come off under the stress of the elements.
  • Elastic keeper keeps the sling tight and allows for tucking the excess when storing the rifle in a battle ready condition. Simply pull on the sling and it comes out of the elastic keeper ready to be slung and put into action.

gif showing how the TOIM customizable sling can be quickly deployed when stored in elastic keeper

  • All plastic hardware to ensure your firearm doesn't get scratched or marred.


  • The TOIM sling uses Berry Compliant Milspec 1in (25mm) Nylon Webbing. This is the same webbing used on plate carriers, mag pouches, bags, and belts so it's not only durable but also guaranteed to color match (we're looking at you Ranger Green).
  • The hardware used is from ITW, the leading US made supplier of plastic buckles, loops, and triglides.
  • Webbing ends are heat fused, folded and then sewn as an extra measure to prevent fraying.

comparison of how the ends of the webbing are finished between other slings and the TOIM sling

  • All folds and ends are directed inwards towards the sling and not outwards towards the user. This is done to prevent snags and increase comfort since all outward faces of the sling will be continuous and smooth.
  • Completely made in the USA

We know there are many slings on the market, but this one is yours!


Font options:

Maximum of 10 characters (including spaces and punctuation).

All characters will be engraved in CAPS.


Sling does not come with attachment hardware for your rifle such as quick swivel mounts or hooks. You can purchase those separately here or you can use the open ends and triglides to attach whatever mounting mechanism you'd prefer or use the open ends themselves as the attachment method.

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